TUSCALOOSA, Ala. --- In 1973 Paul Bryant established an endowed scholarship fund at The University of Alabama to benefit the sons and daughters of his former players. Since its inception, more than 400 children of former players have attended the Capstone on the Bryant Scholarship.

In the fall of 2006, and for the first time ever, there will be a scholarship awarded to the son of a player who competed against the Crimson Tide. Trey Waldrep, the son of former TCU offensive back Kent Waldrep, will enter the University on a Bryant Scholarship.

Many Alabama fans will remember the 1974 Alabama-TCU game at Legion Field when the elder Waldrep suffered a broken neck and was paralyzed. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Waldrep drew upon the continued inspiration from the legendary Crimson Tide coach to deal with his handicap and be successful in his professional and personal life.

Despite playing for TCU, Coach Bryant made Waldrep an honorary member of the “A Club.”

“Although we beat TCU that day, it was a most difficult afternoon for our players and our coaches,” said Mal Moore, then an assistant coach and today the athletics director at The University.

“Coach Bryant was a most generous, caring man, and he took special interest in Kent," Moore recalled. "I think the fact that his son will be on a Bryant Scholarship is a tribute to what Coach Bryant has done for so many of his former players and in his mind, Kent was a part of the Crimson Tide. I know the Waldrep family was really excited when Trey said he wanted to attend Alabama and we are happy to have him among the incoming freshman class of 2006.”

Since Coach Bryant’s death in 1983, his son Paul Bryant, Jr., has been the administrator of the scholarship fund. This past academic year, approximately 100 students attended The University made possible by the Bryant Scholarship.

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