Black Warrior River - Rowing

It is one of the best practice and competitive courses in the nation, giving the University of Alabama's young rowing team an immediate boost. The Black Warrior River, where the Crimson Tide practices and competes, is blessed with high banks, long, protected straightaways, and minimal current which makes it a rower's dream. The Tide also benefits from having the river largely to itself.

The Tide is also fortunate that the river is dotted with prime viewing areas for dual meets and regattas, including The Park at Manderson Landing, which includes the team's brand new boathouse and sits near the finish line of the Tide's home events. With its multi-tiered slope down to the edge of the river, the park is a natural 'stadium' for cheering on the Crimson Tide as they come down the home stretch.

Construction was completed in the fall of 2014 on the state-of-the-art boathouse on the west side of Manderson Landing. The 11,163-square-foot facility includes storage space for the team's equipment and is coupled with brand-new facilities at the nearby Presidential Village, housed within the University's new student center. The Presidential Village, which overlooks the Black Warrior River, houses new locker rooms, a student-athlete lounge, athletic training facilities, coaches offices and an ergometer suite that overlooks the Black Warrior River.

The new boathouse will combine with the Tide's already stellar athletic training, strength and conditioning and academic facilities in providing Alabama rowers with the best of all things.

Boathouse at Manderson Landing
  • The Boathouse at Manderson Landing measures 11,463 square feet and includes specialized storage for racing shells, support boats and equipment.
  • The facility is adjacent to a 140-plus foot floating dock.
  • Custom built boat storage racks – capable of holding a total of 54 racing shells of varying lengths
    • 8-person boats = approximately 60' long
    • 4-person boats = approximately 45' long
    • Doubles boats = approximately 40' long
  • Because the boathouse is located below the 100-year flood elevation line, it was constructed to allow for facility to be flooded and then return to operation after cleaning and maintenance.
  • The boathouse features materials that are moisture resistant and easily cleaned and are structured to adapt to the flooding conditions of the river and surrounding park.
  • The covered terrace plaza which faces Jack Warner Parkway has a profile similar to a racing shell.
Rowing Facilities at Student Activity Center
  • The rowing portion of the Student Activity Center includes a 2,200 square foot Ergometer Room with 35 ergometers facing four 80-inch high definition flat screen monitors to facilitate recording and review of technique
  • There is also an additional 1,700-square feet of training space on the mezzanine with a "Swingulator" training unit that allows multiple rowers to train together as a “boat” off the water.
  • The facility includes 1,750-square feet for the team locker room and team room
  • The facility also houses a 950-square-foot athletics raining room for the team
  • There is also a 500-square-foot meeting room with a super-sized flat screen monitor for film review
  • The coaches' offices, conference room and locker rooms are also included in the state-of-the-art facility
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