Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility

Widely considered one of the finest facilities of its type in the nation, the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility is the centerpiece of Crimson Tide Athletics and home to the Alabama football program. The south wing of the building houses senior administrators of the athletic department, while the north side holds the football offices.

The building, which underwent two renovations since 2005, contains a state-of-the-art training room featuring aquatic rehabilitation pools. The building also houses a 20,000 square foot strength and conditioning center, which is one of the largest collegiate strength and conditioning centers in the nation.

While the training room and strength and conditioning center are utilized by all Crimson Tide athletic programs, the building is primarily the home of one of the nation's greatest collegiate traditions, the Alabama football program.

The football team's locker room, player lounge, equipment room, meeting rooms, recruiting room, coaches' offices and media room are all located in the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility.

The Hall of Champions located on the second floor of the building highlights Alabama's rich football history. Trophy cases for each of the Tide's national championships are located in the Hall of Champions, as well as a large case featuring the program's 24 Southeastern Conference championships. The Hall features individual accomplishments as well, including a trophy case for some of the more recent individual awards received by Crimson Tide football players. Mark Ingram's 2009 Heisman Trophy stands on a marble pedestal in the middle of the Hall. Every Alabama football player to be named a first team All-American, as well as those inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame are recognized with individual plaques in the Hall.

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