Bryant-Denny Stadium Tours FAQ

What if I was unable to schedule a tour?

We do accept walk-ups if space is available on the tour. We highly recommend reserving your spot as soon as possible as spaces fill quickly.

Can I bring my camera on the tour?

Flash cameras will be allowed; however, video will not be permissible.

Can I bring my food/drink on the tour?

We do allow drinks and small snack items on the tour; however, please keep meal items at your car or in a bag.

How much walking is involved on the tour?

The tour route involves just under one mile of walking. While elevators are taken the majority of the time, there are two staircases that are utilized during the tour. Bryant-Denny Stadium is ADA accessible. When booking your tour, please provide notice if special accommodations are to be made, such as a wheelchair accessible route.

Are there concessions or snack machines available at any point during the tour?

No. Zoe's Kitchen is the only food provider located in the stadium during the week. However, there are some water fountains located at various places throughout the tour.

What if I need to cancel my tour?

Please provide notice of cancellation 24 hours in advance.

Will we be seeing any trophies on the tour?

No. There are no opportunities to view any trophies at the Stadium.

Will we be seeing any coaches or players?

No. This is a facility tour only.

Do you offer tours of any other athletic facility?

No, an alternative is to visit the Bryant Museum. It is just down the street across from Coleman Coliseum.

I have received an emailed tour confirmation. Now what?

Tours will begin in the South End Zone of Bryant-Denny Stadium at Gate 25. This gate is located underneath the main staircase of the South End Zone (the newly constructed end zone that faces Bryant Drive, across from Evergreen Cemetery).

Once you arrive inside Gate 25 in the South End Zone, please wait in the open area outside of the Welcome Center. Your tour guide will arrive between 10:55-11:00AM, and the tour will begin at approximately 11:05AM.

Things to keep in mind for your tour:

  1. Please allow time in your schedule to locate a parking spot before your scheduled tour. The Zoe's Kitchen lot is reserved for Zoe's patrons only. However, if you wish to park in the Zoe's lot, a parking token will be given to you upon a minimum $5.00 purchase from Zoe's Kitchen.
  2. Cash or check are the only accepted forms of payment.
  3. Water and soft drinks are permitted during your tour.
  4. Video is prohibited; however, still photos are acceptable.
  5. Please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation.
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