University Faculty and Staff

The purpose of this page is to help faculty and staff understand NCAA rules pertaining to student-athletes who they may have in their classes or interact with on campus. In the simplest of terms, this means treating student-athletes like any other student on campus. But oftentimes, the compliance office receives questions from staff members about situations that may not be straightforward. A heightened awareness of preferential treatments and extra-benefits yields all sorts of great questions, many of which will be archived here.

First and foremost, understand that as an employee of the University of Alabama, the NCAA will consider you a booster of the athletic department. As part of your role as university faculty and/or staff and a booster, you are not allowed to give a student-athlete an extra benefit. If a benefit is not available to all students, it cannot be given to a student-athlete. However, if a benefit is available to all students, it may be given to a student-athlete. Please click the 'Extra Benefits' link in the left hand column to learn more about what constitutes an extra benefit.

Please look at the other materials in the left hand column of this page to learn more about issues that affect you as a member of the university faculty and staff and as a booster. Also, feel free to look at the other tabs across the top of this page to learn a little more about the rules pertaining to student-athletes, recruits, agents and others. If you ever have a question about NCAA rules or a student-athlete, please click the 'Contact Compliance' link. At this link you will find information of how to contact the compliance office, as well as report an anonymous tip. Additionally, we have an open door policy and you are welcome to stop by the Mal Moore Building at anytime. We hope you find our redesigned website helpful.