Complimentary Admissions

An institution may provide up to four complimentary admissions per home and away contest to a student-athlete in the sport in which the individual participates (practices or competes).

Division I Regulations:

  • Admissions shall be provided through a pass list for individuals designated by the student-athlete.
  • The student-athlete's eligibility shall be affected by involvement in receipt of more than the permissible four complimentary admissions or the sale or exchange of a complimentary admission for any item of value.
  • A fellow student is any student with an appropriate student identification card from UA or from any other four-year collegiate institution. A student-ID must be presented at the gate in order to receive a ticket.
  • All individuals utilizing a complimentary admission will be required to present valid identification at the gate.
  • Individuals designated by the student-athlete to receive complimentary admissions are not permitted to receive any type of payment for these admissions or to exchange or assign them for any item of value.
  • UA may not provide a special arrangement to sell a student-athlete ticket(s) to an athletics event. Tickets shall be available for purchase by student-athletes according to the same purchasing procedures used for other students.
  • A student-athlete may not purchase tickets for an athletics contest from the institution and then sell the tickets at a price greater than their face value.
  • UA or any representative of its athletics interests may not purchase or otherwise obtain tickets to a professional sports contest and make these tickets available to student-athletes enrolled in an NCAA member institution. It is permissible for UA to provide tickets for team entertainment at an away-from-home contest.

SEC Complimentary Admissions Guidelines for Football and Basketball

SEC rules provide that a student-athlete may receive four complimentary admissions to each contest in his/her sport. Three of the four admissions must be designated for members of the student-athlete's family or other students, and only one admission may be designated for individuals other than family members (i.e., "wild card"). These four admissions are required to be issued only through a pass list for individuals designated by the student-athlete. "Hard tickets" shall not be issued.

Student-athletes and their families are strictly prohibited from selling their complimentary admissions. The sale of complimentary admissions renders a student-athlete ineligible for competition, and current NCAA policies require student-athletes who violate this rule to "sit out" games before being eligible to play again.

A copy of the policies and procedures related to football/basketball complimentary admissions is attached below. Every football/basketball student-athlete is responsible for adhering to these regulations in order to retain complimentary admission privileges. Violation of these policies either by the student-athlete or his/her guests could result in immediate revocation of this privilege.

UA requires each student-athlete to complete a "master family list" which lists all relatives of the student-athlete who could possibly attend a football/basketball game while a student-athlete. In addition, please keep the following information in mind as you and your family begin to attend UA football/basketball games:

  • Only those individuals designated by the student-athlete for admission to the game will be admitted. Your family may not bring someone else to "substitute" for that individual.
  • Student-athletes will not be permitted to make changes to their designated admissions on the day of a game.
  • Everyone, regardless of age, must be admitted with a ticket.
  • Everyone entering the game through the student-athlete complimentary admissions gate must show personal identification in order to be admitted.