Charitable & Promotional Activities by Student-Athletes

The NCAA restricts the promotional activities of student-athletes. Any use of a student-athlete's name, picture or appearance to support UA, a charitable, educational or non-profit activities requires prior approval by either the Director of Life Skills & Community Outreach or the Compliance Office on the Promotional Activity Please review the following NCAA rules. NCAA Regulations

  • The student-athlete must receive prior approval from the Director of Athletics/Designee to participate in the listed event.
  • The signatures on the Promotional Activity Request Form, of the authorized representative of the supporting agency, serve as a release statement ensuring that the student-athlete(s) name, image or appearance is used in a manner consistent with the requirements of Bylaw 12.5.1 of the NCAA Manual.
  • UA staff, student-athletes, and our representative of athletic interests are not permitted, directly or indirectly, to assist in raising funds for prospects, high schools or organizations that consist of prospects. A prospect is any student in grades 9-12.
  • The student-athlete may speak at a meeting or banquet, where there are prospects, provided he or she does not make a recruiting presentation to the group or an individual.

Institutional, Charitable, Educational or Non-Profit Promotions
A member institution or recognized entity thereof (e.g., fraternity, sorority or student government organization), a member conference or a non-institutional charitable, educational or non-profit agency may use a student-athlete's name, picture or appearance to support its charitable or educational activities or to support activities considered incidental to the student-athlete's participation in intercollegiate athletics, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The student-athlete receives written approval to participate from the director of athletics, subject to the limitations on participants in such activities as set forth in Bylaw 17;
  • The specific activity or project in which the student-athlete participates does not involve co-sponsorship, advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency other than through the reproduction of the sponsoring company's officially registered regular trademark or logo on printed materials such as pictures, posters or calendars. The company's emblem, name, address and telephone number may be included with the trademark or logo. Personal names, messages and slogans (other than an officially registered trademark) are prohibited;
  • The student-athlete does not miss class;
  • All moneys derived from the activity or project go directly to the member institution, member conference or the charitable, educational or non-profit agency;
  • The student-athlete may accept legitimate and normal expenses from the member institution, member conference or the charitable, educational or non-profit agency related to participation in such activity, provided it occurs within the state or, if outside the state, within a 100-mile radius of the member institution's campus;
  • The student-athlete's name, picture or appearance is not utilized to promote the commercial ventures of any non-profit agency;
  • Any commercial items with names or pictures of student-athletes (other than highlight film or media guides per may be sold only at the member institution at which the student-athlete is enrolled, institutionally controlled (owned and operated) outlets or outlets controlled by the charitable or educational organization (e.g., location of the charitable or educational organization, site of charitable event during the event); and
  • The student-athlete and an authorized representative of the charitable, educational or non-profit agency sign a release statement ensuring that the student-athlete's name, image or appearance is used in a manner consistent with the requirements of this section.

A student-athlete may receive legitimate and normal expenses to participate in promotional activities related to a competitive event regardless of the distance from the member institution's campus, provided the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The student-athlete has been selected to participate in the competition and such competition is included in (e.g., Olympic Games, Pan American Games, World Championships, World Cup and national team tryouts and competition);
  • The promotional activity occurs no more than one calendar year prior to the start of the competition; and
  • All conditions set forth in [other than] are satisfied.

Promotions Involving Commercial Locations/Sponsors
A member institution or a charitable, educational or non-profit organization may use the appearance, name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to promote generally its fund-raising activities at the location of a commercial establishment provided the commercial establishment is not a co-sponsor of the event and the student-athlete does not promote the sale of a commercial product in conjunction with the fund-raising activity. A commercial establishment would become a co-sponsor if the commercial establishment either advertises the presence of the student-athlete at the commercial location or is involved directly or indirectly in promoting the activity.

Specifically Restricted Activities
A student-athlete's involvement in promotional activities specified in this section is prohibited.

  • Name the Player Contest. A student-athlete may not permit use of his or her name or picture in a "name the player" contest conducted by a commercial business for the purpose of promoting the business.
  • Athletics Equipment Advertisement. A student-athlete's name or picture may not be used by an athletics equipment company or manufacturer to publicize the fact that the team utilizes its equipment.
  • Promotional Contests. Receipt of a prize for winning a promotional activity (e.g., making a half-court basketball shot, being involved in a money scramble) held in conjunction with a member institution's intercollegiate competition by a prospective or enrolled student-athlete (or a member of his or her family) does not affect a student-athlete's eligibility provided the prize is won through a random drawing in which all members of the general public or the student body are eligible to participate.

Promotional Activities Request Form