Camp or Clinic Employment

In sports other than football, student-athletes may be employed as counselors in camps or clinics and there is no limit on the number of student-athletes in a sport who may be employed in an institutional or non-institutional (privately owned) camp or clinic provided:

  • The student-athlete(s) shall not participate in organized practice activities other than during the institution's playing season in that sport, and
  • Prior written approval of the student-athlete's employment arrangement is received from the Director of Athletics.
  • A student-athlete who is on the UA football squad with eligibility remaining may not be employed or otherwise participate in the UA's football camp.

Student-athletes employed at sports camps must perform duties that are of a general supervisory character in addition to any coaching or officiating assignments.

Student-athletes' compensation must be comparable to the going rate for all the camp's counselors of similar ability and experience.

A student-athlete who only lectures or demonstrates at a camp/clinic may not receive compensation for his or her appearance at the camp/clinic.

Transportation to and/or from camp/clinic may not be provided, unless it is provided to all employees.