Student-Athlete's Parents

The purpose of this page is to help parents of student-athletes understand NCAA rules that apply both to their child and themselves. These rules affect parents and their child both during the recruiting process and once their child joins an athletic team at Alabama. It is important that parents are aware of the rules and regulations their child and themselves must follow throughout this entire time period.

Below are some basic guidelines that parents should be aware of throughout the recruitment process of their child and while their child is a student-athlete at Alabama:

  • Student-Athletes must be certified as a Final Qualifier with the NCAA Eligibility Center prior to arriving on campus for full-time enrollment. To achieve this, all transcripts and test scores must be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center upon graduation.
  • Student-athletes have a pre-existing relationship with their parents. This means that parents that also serve as an athletics booster, or representative of UA's athletics interests, are recognized by the university as a parent first and booster second.
  • Parents may request information from a professional team or league regarding their child's potential draft status.
  • Student-athletes and their parents may not agree to enter into an agreement with an agent during any time that the student is a member of a UA athletics team.
  • Student-athletes, parents and relatives may not receive any extra benefits from an agent or anyone associated with an agent. Doing so could jeopardize the student's eligibility.
  • Student-athletes may not receive any extra benefits due to their participation while a student-athlete at UA.

In addition to these basic guidelines, please click on the links in the left hand column of this page to learn more about issues that affect you as a parent of a prospective and/or current student-athlete at Alabama. Also, feel free to look at the other tabs across the top of this page to learn a little more about the rules pertaining to student-athletes, recruits, agents and others. If you ever have a question about NCAA rules for yourself or your child, please click the "Contact Compliance" link. At this link you will find information of how to contact the compliance office. Also, if you have an anonymous tip for the compliance office, please click on the link in the left hand column of this page. Additionally, we have an open door policy and you are welcome to stop by the Mal Moore Building at anytime. We hope you find our redesigned website helpful.