Recruits and Prospects

NCAA regulations can be complex and sometimes confusing. The University of Alabama wants to provide you with some tips to assist you with understanding your eligibility, financial aid status, the recruitment and decision-making processes, and compliance rules as a student-athlete. Prospective student-athletes and their parents should also review the following rules and regulations before beginning the recruitment process to protect your eligibility status. Student-athletes must be certified as a Final Qualifier with the NCAA Eligibility Center prior to arriving on campus for full-time enrollment. To achieve this, all transcripts and test scores must be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center upon graduation. Student-athletes have a pre-existing relationship with their parents. This means that parents that also serve as an athletics booster, or representative of UA's athletics interests, are recognized by the university as a parent first and booster second. Parents may request information from a professional team or league regarding their child's potential draft status. Student-athletes and their parents may not agree to enter into an agreement with an agent during any time that the student is a member of a UA athletics team. Student-athletes, parents and relatives may not receive any extra benefits from an agent or anyone associated with an agent. Doing so could jeopardize the student's eligibility. Student-athletes may not receive any extra benefits due to their participation while a student-athlete at UA. We understand that this Web site cannot provide a comprehensive overview of NCAA guidelines. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the Compliance Office at (205) 348-3615.