Policy for Agents Recruiting University of Alabama Student-Athletes

Agents are expected to adhere to all University of Alabama, NCAA and NFLPA rules pertaining to recruiting student-athletes at the University of Alabama. The full agent policy is located here and should be read thoroughly. A synopsis of the policy is as follows:

  • Register with the State of Alabama. ("State of Alabama Agent Registration Form" PDF)
  • Register or renew with the University of Alabama. ("UA Agent Registration Form" PDF) ("UA Agent Renewal Form" PDF) Be sure to register all runners and other employees who will assist in the recruitment of UA student-athletes. It is the expectation that only registered agents personally contact our student-athletes, in lieu of using runners or other personnel.
  • Prior to recruiting each individual student-athlete, you must notify the Compliance Office. (Contact Compliance)
  • Send all recruiting materials intended for student-athletes to the Compliance Office. At the direction of the student-athlete, the Compliance Office will either deliver the materials to the student-athlete, or hold it for a period of time to be determined by the student-athlete (e.g. until the end of the season). All materials should be delivered to: Intercollegiate Athletics Compliance Office, The University of Alabama, Box 870323, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0323
  • Telephone contact and text messages to seniors are permitted once the Compliance Office has been informed of your intent to recruit a specific student-athlete. All agents should follow the student-athlete's contact guidelines. Most student-athletes will restrict calls to Sunday and Monday evenings. Some may restrict calls entirely during the season.
  • In-person, off-campus contact is not allowed with the student-athlete, or his family, without first notifying the Compliance Office, who will confer with the head coach.
  • On-campus contacts must be conducted in the Mal Moore Athletic facility and scheduled through the Compliance Office, who will confer with the head coach.
  • Please note that UA will host no "Agent Days".
  • A general recruiting calendar for registered agents for the sport of football is as follows:
    • Underclassmen (Juniors): Send materials at any time. No in-person or phone contact prior to December. On-campus contact and phone contact after December 1 or the SEC Championship Game, assuming UA's participation, with the head coach's permission, depending on the final exams and bowl practice schedule. No in-person contact or phone calls once UA arrives at its bowl site. On-campus contact after bowl game, with meetings scheduled through the Compliance Office.
    • Rising seniors: Send materials any time. Phone contact per player's schedule after notification of intent to recruit. On-campus contact in the summer preceding their senior year, if the student-athlete chooses. Only Phone contact once practice begins in the fall. Off-campus contact with families, but must notify the Compliance Office. On-campus contact in December after conference championship game, pending head coach's approval and no conflict with the final exams and bowl practice schedule, if the student-athlete chooses to do so. No in-person contact or phone contact once UA arrives at its bowl site. On-campus meetings scheduled through the Compliance Office after the bowl game. Off-campus contact with student-athlete and family after bowl game.
  • Coinciding with the timeframe of the recruiting calendar, below are the procedures for interviewing a student-athlete:
    • First, the agent must request which student-athletes they wish to interview. The Compliance Office will then inform these student-athletes that an agent has requested to interview with them. At this time, the Compliance Office will deliver any materials the agents have provided to the student-athletes. After talking with the student-athlete(s), the Compliance Office will inform the agent whether or not a student-athlete wishes to interview with the agent. If a student-athlete does wish to interview with the agent, the Compliance Office will arrange a time for an interview to take place.
  • Please contact the Compliance Office for the recruiting calendar for registered agents for all other sports.
  • Failure to comply with these policies may result in revocation of an agent's registration with UA, as well as being reported to the State of Alabama, the NFLPA, or any other interested party.