Tide Pride Waiting List

Fill in the information below to apply for Tide Pride membership. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for more than one club, check all clubs you are interested in joining. Indicated your order of preference for each club you are interested in. When you are finished click submit and the application will be sent directly to the Tide Pride office.If you have already submitted a waiting list application, it is not necessary to process another form. Please contact the TIDE PRIDE Office to verify receipt of your application form.

Your full name (first, last, M.I.)

Street Address

City, State




Club Membership Desired (Please select your order of preference in the next question)
South Zone-$2,200 per-seat/per-year
North Zone-$1,650 per-seat/per-year
Scholarship Club-$1,430 per-seat/per-year
Crimson Tide Club-$660 per-seat/per-year
Touchdown Club-$430 per-seat/per-year
Bama Club-$290 per-seat/per-year
Century Club-$145 per-seat/per-year
Extra Point Club-$100 per-seat/per-year
Sideline Club-$50 per-seat/per-year

Quantity/Club Membership Preference: Use the field below to let us know the quantity of tickets you would be interested in purchasing from each of the Club Membership options selected in the previous question. Also rank your preference for each club selected.

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