2013 TideTV Coupon Registration Tutorial

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Step 1: Access TideTV through the drop down menu on rolltide.com underneath the heading "Fan Zone", or simply enter rolltide.com/allaccess to bypass the main home site and head directly to TideTV.

Step 2: Fill out every registration field completely to advance to coupon application

Step 3: Once you have successfully entered the required fields and have been forwarded to the next screen, proceed to select the option of Alabama All Access Yearly Subscription $120.

Step 4: Enter the promo code tidetvfan in the box as shown. Be sure to enter the code as shown, it is case sensitive.

Step 5: Click the tag "APPLY COUPON".

Step 6: Continue to fill out the following contact and billing information.

Step 7: Recieve your confirmation notification and you are on your way to enjoying TideTV!



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