History of the "A" Club

In the 1913 Corolla, A-Men was listed as starting in 1906. Baseball, football, and track were the three original teams represented.

The A-Men changed to the "A-Club" in 1916. The officers were listed in the 1916 Corolla.

"A" Club Alumni Presidents Since 1955

Bruce Jones, 1955-56FOOTBALL
Russell Lewis, 1956-59BASKETBALL
Sam Weaver, 1959-60FOOTBALL
Riley Smith, 1960-61FOOTBALL
Leroy Monsky, 1961-62FOOTBALL
Young Boozer, 1962-64FOOTBALL
Albert Elmore Sr., 1964-65FOOTBALL/BASEBALL
Marlin Dyess, 1965-66FOOTBALL
C.E. "Butch" Avinger, 1966-67FOOTBALL
Ray Richeson, 1967-68FOOTBALL
Pat Trammell (died prior to next annual meeting)FOOTBALL
Billy Richardson, 1968-69FOOTBALL
Tommy Brooker, 1969-72FOOTBALL
Darrell Fitts Jr., 1972-73TRACK
Kenneth Roberts, 1973-74FOOTBALL
Fred Davis Sr., 1974-75FOOTBALL
Gary O'Steen, 1975-76FOOTBALL/BASEBALL
Joe Domnanovich, 1976-77FOOTBALL
Walter "Sonny" Dixon, 1977-78TRACK
Al Sabo, 1978-81FOOTBALL
James "JAP" Patton, 1981-83FOOTBALL
Herb Chapman, 1983-86FOOTBALL
Johnny Dill, 1986-88BASKETBALL
Ken Emerson, 1988-90FOOTBALL
John Nadell, 1990-93TRACK
Ken James, 1993-95FOOTBALL
Jerry Belk, 1995-97BASEBALL
Fred Sington Jr., 1997-99FOOTBALL
Paul R. Sullivan, 1999-2001BASKETBALL
Hugh "Deacon" Jones, 2001-03BASEBALL
Lamonde Russell, 2003-05FOOTBALL
Leon Marlaire, 2005-07BASKETBALL
Jack Traffanstedt, 2007-10BASEBALL
Ken Wilder, 2010-12FOOTBALL

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